Child Aadhaar CEL-Windows-Client Version launch

Basis can a child enrollment in a news now will help your laptop or computer makers cards you no longer need to take tablets to children based card UIDAI has launched its child enrollment client a new version for Windows to have that help them now you can install the software to children based cards easily in your laptop or computer Does so no longer need to buy any tablet purchase or smartphone.

How to use child enrollment client desktop version

Child enrollment client to the same use as you old this new version difference is that now it will run will serve as windows or not we can say that now or in your desktop laptop First you step by step after it is installed it must be installed on your laptop or computer to your base coordinator or managing your CSC District Must contact

And from them you have to register your own software or this machine, after successfully registering, you have to add operator to it. After the operator has edited, now you are ready to make Aadhaar card in it and as you would like the Aadhar card You have to make the Aadhaar card from the tablet as it was made.

Minimum Laptop Specification to run child enrollment client desktop version Software:

• 2Ghz,Dual core CPU or later

• 3GB RAM or higher

• 160GB HDD

• Dedicated USB 2.0 Port(minimum 3 ports required)

Note: (Windows Vista/any 64 bit Operating System is supported

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